Has had top 40 hits after vlogging on YouTube. 1 most subscribed channel before being surpassed by nigahiga in 2009. Check out this great video. Presented by British toy collector Tim Rowett, and developed by former BBC producers Hendrik Ball and George Auckland. Creator of the "Captain Disillusion" series demonstrating visual effects used in many viral videos, Both of Aiken's channels upload gaming videos as well as vlogs. Nella sezione ON DEMAND, il ricco e nuovo catalogo organizzato per tipologie e generi: potrai scegliere i contenuti di tuo interesse da guardare quando vuoi. ITestense AdV 447 views. Recreational mathematics author and educator. Notable for addressing the niche community of space enthusiasts and gamers alike by playing both space-related video games and making informative blogs on up-to-date science topics. American daytime TV star. الْعَرَبيّة (Arabo) Academician who promotes an indigenous perspective of India and its worldview. Social media cookies: These cookies make it possible to use certain social media, such as showing YouTube videos on our websites and to share the content of our websites via social media. Animator, musician and videographer. Some Lesser Known Facts About Aishwarya Rai. Known for their book, The Hidden Power of F*cking Up, their. Violinist and composer, known for remixing popular hip-hop and pop songs on the violin. Anime, manga, otaku and Japanese-culture channel. Creators of the Everything Wrong With series, Known for making videos about Japanese culture, travel and food, as a British resident of the country. Makes informational videos, including "The Difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain, and England Explained" and "Rules for the Rulers". video. Videos mainly based around average life in suburban, Australian comedy group involving a comedian and a goat. MrBeast, Mr.Beast, MrBeast Shorts, MrBeast Gaming, MrBeast2. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is the most beautiful woman in the world. Gaurav is notable for producing YouTube videos concerning technology in Hindi & travel vlogs on another channel. Saranjit & Kavita Rai YouTube Channel. "Crazy Russian Hacker: 'Safety Is Number-One Priority! In 2010, he was imprisoned for uploading videos to YouTube, thereby breaking his probation's ban on using a computer. PewDiePie (pictured in 2015), the most-subscribed individual YouTuber. The Oasis application allows tobacco consumers age 21+ to receive mobile coupon offers for tobacco products at their fingertips. YouTuber, stuntman, inventor, fabricator, filmmaker and former plumber, ConnorFranta, ConnorFranta2, (and formerly our2ndlife), Comedy vlogger, previously a member of the our2ndlife channel. She periodically collaborates with other YouTube personalities such as, Beauty influencer, makeup artist, and first male brand ambassador for, A 10-year-old Filipino-Canadian singer who became popular after. Singer, songwriter and producer who has accumulated millions of followers on YouTube and Facebook by recording R&B, pop, hip-hop and rap covers in his bedroom. Canadian singer who was discovered on YouTube. Known by his work against misleading advertisement, freedom of speech and government propaganda. Covered dances of such artists as, DanTDM (formerly DanTDM // TheDiamondMinecart), A British gaming commentator focused mostly on the popular. Died in 2017. charlieissocoollike, charlieissoboredlike, CharlieAtE3, British vlogger and singer-songwriter. A self described "Comic/Guitar Hero" best known for the musical comedy on his YouTube channel, NicePeter, and co-creating the comedy web series, known as, AmazingPhil, LessAmazingPhil, DanAndPhilGAMES, British vlogger and former radio host, co-host of, Scientist and atheist vlogger, creator of the video series. Australian internet personality, known for his bodybuilding videos, Video gamer and social activist who is widely referred to by his online pseudonym "Athene. Art conservator and owner of Baumgartner Restoration. Earlier, Rai’s cabinet colleague and Delhi health minister Satyendar Jain tested Covid-19 positive but later he recovered. Join Facebook to connect with Rai Educational and others you may know. They host a weekday morning YouTube show called "Good Mythical Morning" on their second channel. The island of Bali is the westernmost member of the Lesser Sunda Islands, the majority of which forms part of Indonesia. This page was last edited on 20 December 2020, at 17:40. Absurdist comedian known for his Content Cop series and the, Known for "The Alt-Right Playbook" series of videos, Indie musician, singer, and songwriter. Rose Ellen Dix, TheRoxetera, Let's Play Games, Married couple Rose and Rosie are an English comedy and entertainment duo, Australian American animator, comedian, and internet personality. ", "Shacknews Close-Up: Scott Manley, the Astronogamer", "YouTube Millionaires: SethBling Teaches Minecraft For A Living", "Meet the queen of useless robots: 'The internet is a weird place. Optional push notifications alert when the next coupon offer is available. 2010-2014. Known for creating the animated comedy web film series, asdfmovie. All the videos in this channel deal with contemporary issues; all are completely different in content. When you work with Skywalker Real Estate Group you will always win, lots of savings and more money in your pocket. Notable for his video "Noah takes a photo of himself, Singer-songwriter as well as lead vocalist and guitarist for the. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. Football fan YouTube channel and website directed at Arsenal supporters. 1,181 likes. He currently has over 70 million views on YouTube. world's oldest gaming YouTuber at the age of 90. Fights between her supporters and her detractors lead to an "online war". Indian home chef. 1 spot for most YouTube subscribers for periods of time around the early 2010s. Her vlogs and blog posts centre around beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Comedy sketches. To Join: Join Zoom Meeting (click this link to go straight to the room without […] Alina Rai Biography. Journalist and political/social commentator. Con la stipula dell’accordo lo straniero si impegna a raggiungere specifici obiettivi di integrazione da conseguire nel periodo di validità del permesso di soggiorno. Technology expert, co-founder and CEO of Linus Media Group, primarily known as the presenter for the agency's various channels and formerly NCIX Tech Tips. Known for their football challenge videos, video game commentary videos, and their weekly videos uploaded to the Sidemen YouTube channel dubbed "Sidemen Sundays". A former philosophy graduate student and instructor who creates videos about gender, race, politics. While serving in the United States Air Force, he came out as a homosexual during the final months of the U.S. military's policy known as ". American television journalist, known for catching potential sex predators, Hansen started his own YouTube channel, on which he was trying to capture an accused YouTube predator Gregory Jackson, better known as, Automotive journalist, his roadtest between a. Realtors Extraordinaire at your service! RayWilliamJohnson, yourfavoritemartian, BreakingNYC. Recorded at the 2016 State RAI Coordinator Training, this presentation by Elizabeth Ayello, PhD, focuses on staging pressure ulcers correctly and accurately coding pressure ulcers and other skin conditions on the MDS 3.0. Citeste mai noi stiri cu tema: Complex Educational Laude Reut in spotmedia.ro Professional boxer, collaborates with various internet personalities. Often collaborates with other YouTube personalities and artists, including … Known for his video game commentaries with other creators. YouTubers are people mostly known for their work on YouTube across various notable channels. Has a second channel with animated music videos. Science journalist who vlogs on science and, "Geriatric gripes and grumbles", mentions his service for Britain during WWII; died in 2014. Best known for covering and performing songs by popular artists, as well as original medleys and mashups. JennaMarbles, JennaMarblesVlog, JennaJulienPodcast. Known for film shorts, music videos for other musicians and their vlogs called "Wong Fu Weekends". The regional airport … Ci auguriamo possa essere maggiormente conosciuta, amata e soprattutto compresa e rispettata dagli Italiani e dai nuovi cittadini, non nativi ma di elezione, Punto, punto interrogativo, punto esclamativo, Il test si compone di 60 domande a scelta multipla. 2018-present sallylepage, Rooster Teeth, General Electric. Notable for her glamour and cosplay modeling influenced by memes. Known for music and music related content. Topics include atheism, philosophy, ethics discussion, counter-apologetics. Education Consultants Canada Inc. Sector: Business, Management, and Administration, Education and Training, Hospitality and Tourism Canadian musician best known for his Song Challenge series which invites viewers to dare him in feats of musicianship, and viral hit "Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows", Christian singer who was made known for her covers and coming in third place on, Videos about anime, Japanese culture, language and gaming, Has received particular attention for her video series. Rapper, producer, radio host. Hosts educational engineering series Smarter Every Day (SED), which is hosted on his main channel. Singer-songwriter; co-producer of YouTube cybercollaboration video. Known for reenacting TV episodes with herself playing all roles, assisted by greenscreen. Pubcaster Rai has acquired MathXplosion (50×3′) and ScienceXplosion (45×3’30”), in which a ‘mathemagician’ helps … A doctor known for his hip hop inspired medical comedy videos. Vlogger, actor and host at Teen.com. Film-making trio. 2000-2010. Electronics engineer who teaches both electrical engineering and simple how-tos with explosions on himself for comedy, Internet personality and former presenter of, Comedy duo, actresses, musicians and singers, Creator of "Hi, I'm a Marvel...and I'm a DC" video series, WHATTHEBUCKSHOW, Michael Buckley, bucksphone. La durata consigliata è 60'. Animation". She is known for her lovely looks, sweet smile, style and hot personality. Actress, editor, director. Getting admission in MBBS is the most complex system, and years of experience has helped Rai Education to place more than 1500 students in the last few years. Attraverso il bot di Facebook Messenger potrai anche interrogare Rai Storia per vedere gli Accadde Oggi o i video presenti nei nostri archivi: riceverai tutti gli ultimi aggiornamenti sulla programmazione TV di Rai … Music producer & comedy songwriter; LGBT, entertainment & travel vlogger. Popular comedian and YouTube personality with the alter egos of Filthy Frank and Pink Guy, who's retired. PrankvsPrank, BFvsGF, NylahKitty, DownRangeGaming. Alina Rai is India’s renowned Tik Tok Actress and Model. Motorsport commentators, live commentary on radio-controlled racing and, Making tools, buildings, food from scratch in, Unorthodox video game reviewer, creator of, Peruvian singer and make-up artist whose YouTube exposure led to a contract with.

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